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As of 2018, Creekside Animal Hospital has its own app! This has helped our hospital as well as our clients and patients by allowing easy access to pet reminders and more!  Some key features of our app include:

  1. It’s quick!  Just download the app from the app store.   Follow instructions to check your email and accepting our invite.  (Just a note: Creekside has to have your current email on file in order to link up with us.)

  2. It’s FREE!  One of the few things in life that’s free and totally worthwhile!

  3. Easy Access.  Allows access to your pet’s vaccination and medical reminders.

  4. Receive Push Notifications regarding your pet’s medical wellness testing when they are due and also reminders of your upcoming appointments. 

  5. Loyalty Program.  Clients are rewarded for purchases.  Loyalty stamps are earned based on each transaction at our hospital and rewarded with credit towards future purchases.

  6. Send us your pet selfies to share on Creekside’s app with all of our app users.

  7. Request appointments easily and with the push of a button!  It’s a stress-free way to schedule at your own convenience. 

  8. Family Share.  All the members of the same family can share the app so everyone knows when the family pet is due for services. 

button linking to he apple app store
button linking to the google play store
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